I purchased a Lane Touch Down-SO 292-39-ST Double Reclining Sofa, Leather/Match and a Lane Touch Down-SO 292-43-ST Double Reclining Console Sofa, Leather/Match ON January 30, 2013 and to this date (April 3, 2013) still have not received my order. After numerous phone calls from me and e-mails from me I have yet to get anything but the old run around.

When I call customer service they listen and try to help and tell me that someone will call by the end of the day.

Nobody calls. I call again and we go through the same dialog all over again, and again.

Monetary Loss: $2208.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #741769

Lane is part of thomasville and drexal heritage furniture and they are in the middle of going out of business. That is why so many people are having problems getting their lane merchandise from sofas and sectionals. Its not the furniture company, its the manufacturer.

Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States #721962

Sofa's and Sectionals cancelled my order because Lane could not deliver, it is now 2 1/2 weeks later and I am calling everyday because they have not refunded my money! Be afraid people, very afraid!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #698260

I have the same issue. Placed order 6/12, and have not received the sofa yet. Just contacted customer service and they "will contact me by the end of the day".

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #707806

I live in the Chicago area and I am thinking of buying from S&S. Did your order arrive?

Are you happy with the quality of the sofa? I am somewhat hesitant to buy based on a single low resolution picture.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #708786

Do not order from them. We had to contact the BBB to threaten them, after BBB did they finally said the order was in.

It then took 3 weeks to ship from Mississippi. Got the couch yesterday. It looked great, but we soon discovered that is was backwards in orientation, and we found a tear in the back after the shipper left.

We are rearranging rather than trying to return it. It has been a complete nightmare.

to Anonymous Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #746208

good luck with that. I waited 3 weeks for that end of day call and they had everything wrong>

Port Clinton, Ohio, United States #641167

I also purchased a sectional from lane in the amount of $2393 on March 15, 2013. After first being given a production date of April 4 I was then told they had no information and couldn't reach lane.

I was also told I would be called back when they could reach Lane for information but that call never came. I was then told that it would be shipped on or before May 1st but as that is only a week or so away, I am not to optimistic.

I called to inquire on just cancelling the order but would be charged $500 for them just setting on my money. I would never purchase from these people again or even refer them...feeling completely screwed in this.

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